m4 protest
 M4 Protest

Saturday April 30th is was protest day - see pictures below!

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pictures kindly provided by protesters

What is M4 protest?

  • M4 Protest is a law-abiding, non-obstructing, carefully planned 'slow' drive along the Wiltshire section of the M4 Motorway. M4 protest is intended to draw attention to the motorists' dissatisfaction with speed camera policy in general and the new M4 speed cameras in particular.
  • As far as we know it will be the first motorists' 'show of strength' against speed camera policy. If you are unhappy about speed camera policy, please come along. A huge show of strength will send a very clear message to the government and the electorate that enough is enough.
  • M4 Protest believes that the authorities have become obsessed with legalities at the expense of safety. We do not believe that cameras on the M4 will improve safety. They will, however, distract drivers, cause panic braking, make a lot of money and further damage the Police / public relationship.
  • We hope to see you there!

Where to next?

In respect of the original objectives - highlighting important road safety issues - the protest on 30th April was a significant success.

The organisers will hold a meeting on Friday 6th May to discuss the next steps.

Copycat protests are being considered in other parts of the country.

Watch this space for further information.

Support M4 protest

Even if you can't attend the protest, you can show your support and assist with our expenses by making a donation. No amount is too small or too large.

Please show your support!  

Original Introduction...

As you know from the media reports, the “Wiltshire Safety Camera Partnership” started to target the M4 from Wednesday 13th April 2005 with mobile speed cameras.

Some local people have decided that enough is enough. We have an increasing number of traffic-jamming schemes masquerading as “junction improvements,” traffic lights, speed humps, bus lanes, cycle lanes and now, apparently in the name of “safety,” we have mobile speed cameras on a road that a recent EU report held up as one of the safest motorways in the country!

We are not saying "I want to speed and you lot are trying to stop me." Our concern is with the "Big Brother" aspect of speed cameras, where the authorities are quite happy to persecute motorists the for minor crime of speeding (bearing in mind of course that when it is really dangerous to speed, when the motorway is busy, there is too much traffic to do it anyway!!), but they can’t or won’t take effective action on the minor crime that those motorists are subjected to every day in their ordinary lives, such as muggings, burglary, car theft etc.

On Saturday 30 April at 10.00 am, a protest drive will take place along the M4 between Membury Services (just past the Hungerford junction 14) and junction 17 (Chippenham). The protest will highlight the issues that concern ordinary, everyday people:

  • The lack of effective policing of the issues that really matter to ordinary people:
This is the message that speed cameras send:

"You can't or won’t catch the mugger who steals an old lady's purse, but you're quite happy to take £60 out of her purse when she's caught doing 57 in a 50"

  • The concentration on speeding to the exclusion of everything else:
This is the message that speed cameras send:

"I can go down the pub and get blind drunk, then drive home in an uninsured and dangerous vehicle and, as long as I don't break the speed limit, I can get away with it"

  • The lack of traffic police on the motorway to really deal with dangerous driving
This is the message that speed cameras send:

“I can drive like an idiot as long as I don’t exceed the speed limit”

  • Any speed limit is arbitrary – it is a figure picked out of thin air. A speed limit does not mean a safe speed – would you travel at 70mph on the M4 in thick fog or a snowstorm?
This is the message that speed cameras send:

“I’m a safe driver as long as I don’t exceed the speed limit”

Please support the protest. Please use the link below to e-mail or telephone to lend your support. And please turn up on the day to show that you are also sick and tired of speed cameras!!

There's more to road safety than speed

Hosting kindly provided by: www.safespeed.org.uk

- the campaign for genuine road safety

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