Using a Doctors Note

In many institutions of learning and organizations, when one is unwell, it is usually a requirement that one submits the doctor’s note as a proof that they indeed are unwell. This enables organizations to identify employees who may be faking an illness to avoid work or attend to other personal duties. Schools are also able to curb absenteeism by students who are not interested in class work.

The doctor’s note, therefore, not only benefits schools and organizations but also employees and students. This is because sometimes one falls sick and everyone doubts it. To prove that you are indeed sick and probably need some days off from work or school, the doctor’s note will do. The doctor’s note thus protects students from being punished for missing school when they are sick. Other employers will simply deduct your salary for any day you don’t show up for work if you do not have the doctor’s note.


Here is how and where to obtain a doctor’s note; First, whereas some institutions may be very strict about providing a doctor’s note as proof of genuine sickness, some will not bother. Therefore, you need to identify whether it is necessary to provide one. If it is not, then you need not stress yourself about it. If you, however, are not certain, obtain one to be on the safe side.

After that, the next step should be getting in touch with your doctor. After examining you, they will note down if you need some days off from work or school according to your condition. In serious cases such as communicable diseases, some leave days will be recommended. If the condition is not as bad and your doctor feels that you can resume work, then no leave days will be given. The doctor will, however, note that on that date you visited them for examination and if it’s required, they can directly send the note on email to your school or place of work. So generally, obtaining a doctor’s note is such an easy process.


A doctor’s note is such an important document in both schools and places of work if used correctly. However, some people will simply obtain a fake doctor’s note for their personal interests and reasons even when they are not sick but are quite sure that their bosses won’t grant them permission to be off even for a day.

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